Are you ready to enter the portal?

It is here that the finest warriors of the Eight Kingdoms come to congregate. Love, War, Life, Pleasure, Knowledge, Mystery, Wealth and the Sea.

Located in a dimensional fold that leads to the home of the Demi-Gods, the divine Sacred City is accessible through eight magical gates, one in each Kingdom of Androsia. It is a magical place where anything is possible.

Visitors to the Sacred City can usually be found in the Legendary Heroes Club.

Only owners of the limited-edition Legendary NFT Collection will have exclusive access to the entirety of the Sacred City.

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  1. Exclusive membership to the Legendary Heroes Club.
  2. Get 2000 CHON Tokens airdropped for whitelisted users, 1000 CHON Tokens for public sale.
  3. Earn staking rewards by staking your Legendary NFT when the Chosen Ones CHON tokens are released.
  4. Get free Airdrops of other future NFT collections.
  5. Get special discounts in the Hero’s Merch Store.
  6. Get advanced access to other NFT and token projects.
  7. Get VIP Access to private and special events.
  8. Have your Chosen One NFT character represent you in the Metaverse
  9. Get early access to the MOBA game